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Drop Stitch & HB Wielding

Discover the exciting world of Blue Coastlines where we live everyday to provide thrill and adventure for all our water sports fans

Color 850G 1000D yellow 109C fabric material+ black spray cover +gray
421C; spray cover:0.9mm 850G 1000D black fabric material

Including one foot rest and one hand pump with pressure gauge
Floor: 10cm gray 421C dropstitch material; High pressure valve
Tube diameter: 26.5cm; Material: left and right tube 0.9mm

Accessories:one seat+one carry bag+one repair kit (including wrench), direction skeg, one aluminum paddle; printing: blue 7393C,capacity: 130kg; packing: 1set/ carry bag, then into outer carton /76*33*45cm 12.2/13.4KGS


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